Glambilly – White BBQ Sauce

Genre: Rock

Release Date: August 16th, 2011

Label: Saustex Media

Rating: 7 out of 10 chocolate starfish

Hans Frank (formerly of 10 City Run) has returned to the scene with the third release from his most current project, Glambilly, titled White BBQ Sauce. This San Antonio trio also features legendary guitar slinger “Dangerous” Danny Aaron formerly of legendary Austin rockers Dangerous Toys and drummer Tony Gloria. This album is ultimately a collection of revved up well-crafted roots rocker anthems. Glambilly has managed to succeed at putting a unique twist on a timeless genre of music. The album opens with “City of Angels”, a country-rocker that could easily have been a leftover track from Exile On Main Street and immediately leads into the album’s title track which could easily have appeared on Funhouse. Starting to see a pattern here? The third track, “So Much Better than Hans” is a bit of an exit from the rest of the album. My initial thought was “Detachable Penis” from King Missile, then ultimately decided it would have been a perfect track for the “Trainspotting” Soundtrack. During this track, Hans drops the bass and breaks out the keyboard for a go-around. Track four, “Bite The Bed”, brings the “billy”energy back to the table with its raucous slide guitar, pummeling cowbell, Bo Diddley chorus, and verse guitar riff not unlike that of Too Fast For Love.  “Memories”, originally a song recorded by Frank’s project, 10 City Run (Universal South Records), has been re-recorded here without the constraints of major label input or production. The lyrics “I’ve got my memories/he’s got you” make this romantic roots rocker a memorable hooky sing-along. The next track, “Pablo”, is not a song, but a phone message Hans leaves for the titled character wherein Hans calls his skateboarding friend and confesses to making eye-contact with Pablo’s tattooed mother, makes short note of her coke nail, and tells Pablo he does not wish to be his father. While this is a super-creepy and a WTF moment on the album, I played it at least three times and loved it. If this is the kind of thing Hans chooses to put on his band’s record, I can only imagine what kind of films he would make. Of interest, Frank does have a degree in theatre and film from Ohio University. “I Must Be The Devil” is a foot stompin’ ode to the darkside with a guitar riff that would make Billy Duffy proud. “Body in Plastic” might just get Glambilly nominated for the scariest trucker band in America (a title currently held by Deadbolt) and also features a face-melting wah-fueled guitar solo that really showcases Danny Aaron’s ability to “go off”. “Apt 7902” is an honest acoustic track containing a subtle organ part that happens to be my favorite track on the record. The final song on the record, “Firefly”, is a song that sounds like it was written by David Bowie for the Beatles and recorded by Hans on Tom Scholz’s (Boston) guitar rig. Confused? Don’t be. Just get the record and give it a spin.

-Melvin McMichaels